MasterVision Pricing

MasterVision pricing is based on the size of your school:

  • Have fewer than 50 students? I want to help you hold down expenses while your school is still growing. You can use MasterVision for FREE.
  • Have 50-99 students? I want to help your school continue to grow. You can use MasterVision for 50% off the regular price - just $25/month.
  • Have 100+ students? Congratulations on your successful school. You can use MasterVision for $50/month.

All of the price levels include free technical support - you can get help at any time by email or phone. All price levels also include any updates I make to MasterVision.

At the end of 12 payments, you own the program. You can continue your subscription to continue receiving technical support and program upgrades; or you may stop your subscription - you'll have no more support and won't receive upgrades to the program - but you may continue using MasterVision while paying nothing.

Ready to purchase? Give us a call with a credit card and I'll set it all up 303-263-4333.

Compare Pricing

BEWARE! Our competitors charge WAY MORE than we do. Don't make a $6,000 mistake! When the other guys are charging you $150 per month, that's costing you $1800 per year and $9,000 at the end of 5 years. Over that same 5 years, MasterVision at $50/month costs you $3,000. Don't make a $6,000 mistake.

Many of our competitors are web-based programs. If you stop paying, you lose everything - no more program, no more access to your data. You would have to start over from scratch. We don't think it's right to make you pay forever if you don't want to.


Less than 50 student: Free
50-99 Students: $25/month
100+ Students: $50/month

Technical Support & Upgrades included
You own the program after 12 paymentss


$2127 per year

Champions Way

$1200 for 50 members per year
$1800 for unlimited members per year

JackRabbit DoJo

$540/yr: 100 students, 2 users per year
$1020/yr, 250 students, 3 users per year
$1500/yr, 500 students, 4 users per year
$1860/yr, 1000 students, 6 users per year
$2340/yr, 3000 students, 7 users per year


$1188 per year, Business version
$2148 per year, Pro version

Black Belt CRM

$359.40 per year, 100 students
$479.40 per year, unlimited

Member Solutions

No pricing information on website


$360 per year, Solo
$720 per year, Grow
$1020 per year, Pro
$1740 per year, Accelerate


No pricing information on website

Zen Planner

$900 per year for 50 members
$1380 per year over 200 members

DoJo Manager

$281.88 limited to 100 students per year
? per year More than 100 students


$588 per year per Admin, 200 students
$1200 per year per Admin, 2000 students